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You do not have to fight the insurance company by yourself. Let me help you.
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Your damages include any unpaid medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and vehicle damage.

Recorded statements given to insurance companies will damage your credibility, because no one will tell the exact same story months later at a deposition or months after that at trial. You will fail to include some facts and remember others.

Your attorney's job is to deal with the insurance company and their lawyers, who have handled thousands of these cases before. This is likely your first accident case. You need someone working for you whose job is to zealously represent your interest. Some insurance companies have been known to show up at your door and flash cash in exchange for a quick settlement. Do not let this happen to you. The only time your case can be properly evaluated for settlement is after your treatment is complete and your doctor states that you are at your maximum medical improvement. Then your attorney will work to maximize the dollars that go in your pocket. Most attorneys are paid on a percentage of what you get, so the attorney should get you the best settlement or award quiclky.

Do not miss any applicable statute of limitations or other deadlines, or you may lose some rights or be forever barred from recovering your damages.

Ultimately you have to prove the injury claim if you want to recover your damages. Do not just go home and cry into your pillow. You need to document your claim immediately and continuously:

  • Take pictures of accident scene, all vehicles and any visible injuries
  • Preserve damaged auto parts, clothing or other possible evidence
  • Get witnesses' home address and phone numbers
  • Tell your doctor all your injuries, not just those in their specialty, and make sure they write them all down; otherwise there will be no record of it
  • Document time lost from work with both your employer and your doctor. Make sure they write down that it is due to your auto accident injury.
  • Keep a daily diary of your pain and how your injuries limit your daily activities, because your memory will never be as fresh as it is each day you go through it
  • Call a lawyer who will try to put more money in your pocket than you could ever do on your own. We wouldn't have jobs if we weren't good at what we do.
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