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What are crimes in Kentucky?
Crimes are classified as felonies, misdemeanors and violations.

  • Adult Protection (abuse, neglect or exploitation of a mental or physical dysfunctioning adult)
  • Alcohol Intoxication (also Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in a Public Place)
  • Arson
  • Assault (also Criminal Abuse, Menacing, Restraining Order Violation, Stalking, Strangulation, Terroristic Threatening, Wanton Endangerment)
  • Burglary (also Criminal Trespass)
  • Criminal Damage to Property (Criminal Mischief)
  • Escape (also Bail Jumping, Detainer, Extradition, Fleeing or Evading Police, Fugitives, Hindering Prosecution, Promoting Contraband, Resisting Arrest)
  • Family Offenses involving Minors (Abandonment, Endangering the Welfare, Flagrant Nonsupport, Incest, Unlawful Transaction)
  • Firearms and Weapons (Possession by Convicted Felon)
  • Forgery (also Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument)
  • Fraud (Credit or Debit Card [False Making or Embossing, Fraudulent Use, Obtained, Phishing, Production or Reproduction, Receipt, Receiving Goods or Services, Scanning Device or Reencoder, Unauthorized Signature]; Unlawful Access to a Computer)
  • Homicide (Fetal, Manslaughter, Murder, Reckless Homicide)
  • Inchoate Offenses (Attempt, Conspiracy, Facilitation, Gang Activity, Organized Crime, Solicitation)
  • Kidnapping (also Coercion, Custodial Interference, Unlawful Imprisonment)
  • Pornography (Distribution or Advertising Obscene Material, Promoting Sale of Obscenity, Voyeurism, Matter Portraying a Sexual Performance by a Minor -- Advertising, Distribution, Possession, Promoting, Use or Viewing)
  • Prostitution (Human Trafficking, Loitering, Permitting, Promoting)
  • Riot or Disorderly Conduct (also Harassment, Public Intoxication, Terrorism)
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Offenses (Electronic Means to Induce a Minor, Indecent Exposure, Inducing a Minor, Rape, Sex Offender Registration, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, Sodomy)
  • Theft (Extortion, Deception (cold checks), Identity, Labor Already Rendered, Receiving Stolen Property, Services, Shoplifting, Unlawful Taking)
  • Traffic (you may want an attorney if your ability to keep driving is important to your job or if driving is your job)

Are juveniles treated differently?
Yes. Penalties can be different and less severe for juveniles than for adults. 

A "Public Offender" is a juvenile who is accused of committing an offense that would be a crime if committed by an adult.

A "Status Offender" is a juvenile who is accused of committing an offense that would not be a crime if committed by an adult (beyond control, curfew, runaway, truant, tobacco and alcohol offenses)

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