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What is Domestic Violence?

"Domestic violence and abuse" means physical injury, serious physical injury, sexual abuse, assault, or the infliction of fear of imminent physical injury, serious physical injury, sexual abuse, or assault between family members or members of an unmarried couple.

Who can I protect with an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) or a Domestic Violence Order (DVO)?

You can protect yourself or a family member. "Family member" means a child, a stepchild, a spouse or former spouse, a parent, a grandparent, or any other person living in the same household as a child if the child is the alleged victim.

What is the difference between an EPO and a DVO? How long is each order good for?
You can receive immediate protection with an EPO, which is typically valid until a hearing is held within 10 days. At the hearing, the court may enter a DVO for up to 3 years, which can be renewed before it expires.

What kind of restrictions can be imposed on the person who is a threat to me or a family member?
The court can issue orders limiting further acts of domestic violence and abuse; contact or communication; going within a specified distance of a residence, school or employment; disposing of or damaging property; vacating a residence; temporary custody and child support; counseling services for the offender; offender to surrender their Kentucky license to carry concealed deadly weapons; and other orders.

I am the victim of domestic violence. Do I need an attorney?
The court conducts a trial, and your lack of legal skills may mean that your best evidence is never heard by the judge. An attorney will help make sure that your witnesses and documentation get put on the record. Do not let your lack of legal knowledge leave you humiliated and unprotected after court. 

Someone has filed civil domestic violence or criminal assault charges against me. Should I be concerned over how this may affect my future? Do I need an attorney?
The answer is "yes." Sometimes a person will agree to a finding of domestic violence or plea to a domestic assault charge that is not true. This could be harmful to your relationship with your child if the other parent uses it to subsequently limit your custody and visitation rights, or if you face another allegation in the future. Even if you have a good job now, your next employer may do a background check. Certain employers and some fields (education, financial, law enforcement, medical, etc.) will not hire a person with a history of domestic violence. Any domestic violence or assault case needs to be taken very seriously.

Can the case be expunged?
Your ability to have the case expunged depends on whether the case ended in a finding or conviction against you or ended in no finding, no conviction or dismissal. You need an attorney working hard and smart when your case is being fought, and who follows up to get any eligible matter expunged as soon as possible.

What is an IPO?
An Interpersonal Protective Order (IPO) may be filed by a victim of dating violence and abuse, stalking, sexual assault, or an adult on behalf of a minor victim. A victim has protections similar to an EPO/DVO.

What documentation do I need?
Please see my Family Law Checklist for the documentation you should bring to your free initial consultation.

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