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Do I have to pay child support? How much will the court make me pay?
Child support is based on Kentucky statutes. A child support worksheet is used determine the amount payable under the child support guidelines. However, the amount may be too much or too little, based on whether the numbers are appropriate to your situation. Judges approach the issue of child support differently, and some may or may not allow the parties to agree upon an amount that does not follow the child support guidelines. Therefore, the court where your case is filed may impact your ability to reach an agreement that does not follow the guidelines but is acceptable to the court. The right attorney will be able to advise you in this regard. A party may be entitled to child support while the case is being decided, after the case is over, during both times or neither time.

Will it save me money to just use an online calculator or hope the child support offfice gets it right?
The child support office does not represent either parent. Do not make an 18-year mistake by letting the amount of child support you pay or receive be set too high or too low. I have successfully negotiated better results for my clients when calculating child support myself, knowing the law, and going to court with proper documentation. A mistake will cost you much more over the years than the cost of hiring a lawyer. Even if you have already applied for services at the child support office, you can and should have your own lawyer when meeting with them to calculate support or when going to court.

What if either party's income, daycare or health expenses change?
Please contact me immediately to see if the amount of child support may change. If you wait then the money you lose will be like water passing under a bridge -- you will not get it back.

What documentation do I need to have my child support set properly?
Please see my Family Law Checklist for the documentation you should bring to your free initial consultation.

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