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Pre-Nuptial Agreement Lawyer
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Is a Pre-Nuptial Agreement valid in Kentucky? What is an Ante-Nuptial Agreement?
Marriage is in many respects a contract. During the marriage both parties enter into many contracts. The parties can also contract between themselves, and the courts may uphold a properly drafted contract, entered into before the date of marriage (pre-nuptial) or after the date of marriage (ante-nuptial). Some provisions may not be enforceable if certain formalities are not followed, so you need an attorney experienced in drafting these agreements.

Do I need a Pre-Nup or lawyer to prepare it?
That depends on how big of a mistake you would like to make. The more you have now or may have in the future, the more you have to lose. The cost of a Pre-Nup is minimal compared to the risk. You should not operate on yourself because you do not have the medical knowledge. You should take similar precautions when it comes to the legal document that may control the division of everything you have accumulated in your life.

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