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I think my child would be better off with me. The other parent is threatening to never let me see my child again. I am afraid what might happen if I don't give the other parent what they want.
The law does not allow either parent to automatically have superior rights based on whether they are the father or the mother. Both parents need to focus on what is in the best interest of the child. Having a lawyer stand up for you, who will speak up in court and not let the legal process or the other lawyer run over you, will help ensure that the judge will hear your concerns and base the decision on the child's best interest.

Should I move out or allow other changes?
Your spouse's lawyer could argue that you abandoned the marital home. The more important question is whether you abandoned any minor children. Domestic violence or other reasons may make it necessary that one of the parties moves out. Your lawyer may recommend that you go to court to get the other spouse out. You should contact a lawyer and discuss your situation before taking a major step like moving out, letting the other parent move away with a child, letting the other parent enroll a child in another daycare or school, or accepting a role as a weekend dad.

What documentation do I need?
Please see my Family Law Checklist for the documentation you should bring to your free initial consultation.

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