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What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce?
A legal separation may protect your property interests while at the same time allow you to enjoy some benefits that you might not otherwise be entitled to if you were divorced. In rare situations, a legal separation may be best for you. Only in consultation with your attorney can you make the decision that is best for you.

Am I better off with an annullment rather than a divorce?
Whether your marriage is annulled or dissolved, at the end of the day you are restored to the rights and privileges of an individual. There may be some differences in unwinding your assets and debts during the period that you were with the other person. You may have religious or other personal reasons for claiming you were never married. Annullments are rare and you must act quickly, because there are limited grounds and brief time limitations.

What is an invalid marriage?
You may have an issue regarding whether your marriage is valid. For example, the other person may have already been married at the time. If your marriage is declared invalid due to bigamy, underage, incest, mental disability or other prohibition, the rights and duties of the parties will not be the same as if you had a valid marriage. The parties may still need to address their legal rights regarding any children, assets, debts and other incidents of living together as husband and wife.

Does Kentucky recognize common law marriage?
Common law marriage is not a legal status that is encouraged by the public policy of the Commonwealth. Cases in this area of law are very fact specific, based on where you lived and when, and on the law of each jurisdiction.

What are my rights if I live with someone but we are not married?
Kentucky law favors marriage, not people who live together without the rights and protections granted by the state through marriage. Nevertheless, you may have property issues and broken promises that you need help with. While your case may not fall within established marital law, there may be contract and other legal bases by which an attorney can get you help from the court system.

What documentation do I need?
Please see my Family Law Checklist for the documentation you should bring to your free initial consultation

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