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Why do I need a Will?
Most married people want their property to pass to their spouse and then to their children. You may want to include or exclude certain beneficiaries or make specific gifts. You need a Last Will and Testament if you want this to happen! Getting your first Will done is very important. After that, you can make changes, usually at no additional cost. Wills can be written to automatically include later-born children and have other forward-looking provisions.

What happens if I don't have a Will?
The state will decide what happens to your property if you die without a Will. No one has ever asked me to prepare a Will that follows the state law, so make sure you have a Will.

Do I need a lawyer to prepare my Will?
That depends on how big of a final mistake you want to make. If you have nothing to pass on, it may not make a difference. But the more you have, the more your beneficiaries have to lose. The cost of a lawyer preparing your Will is minimal compared to the risk of making a mistake on your own. You should not operate on yourself because you do not have the medical knowledge. You should take a similar precaution when it comes to the legal document that controls the distribution of everything you have accumulated during your life.

What is a Trust?
A Trust can be used for Medicaid planning, for a minor child, an adult disabled child, or someone who will spend their inheritance unwisely. If you do not want the surviving parent to control your child's inheritance, then you can put someone else in charge of the money if you have a trust.

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